I’ve missed a few slices…So, how about a couple of pies?


Wow.  So, this year’s journey into the slice has been a little difficult to keep up with AGAIN.  Mostly, because I’m not taking the time to do so.  When I think about it and my mind is shutting down for the day, it is bedtime and I SWEAR I will get to it tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  Yeah, there’s no time like tomorrow.  Unless I start taking advantage of today.

My son has given me great material to write about this day.

My daughter has made me proud beyond words.

My friends are amazing strengths that lift me up through each day.

My coworkers show new insight into the world of education through ways I cannot measure.  Nobody could measure.

My husband is my rock.

They round out one of my pies!  And I’ve had a few slices this week.

My other pie is wrapped fruitful with insights:

A house does not make a home. ~ It is the people who are in it and the traditions that grow.

Birthing a child does not make you a “mother. ~ It is the work and love of making the world a better place.

Calling yourself a friend does not make you one. ~ It is knowing that like love, friendship ebbs and flows.

These are larger slices of a bigger pie that we have to know each and every day, we work towards.  Life is work.  It’s hard sometimes.  Sometimes it’s easy.  I’m just thankful for the people I have on the journey with me.


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