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Well, it is Super Tuesday, so if anybody was going to have to leave a political post today…it would be me.  My message is simple…VOTE, it matters.  Public education is supported through who we vote into office and which issues we support.  Get out the vote.  Voting is personal.  We often vote personally.  We must often vote professionally.  This is a time that calls for us to vote personally and professionally.  Vote for the TRUST of public education.  This is one time your individual voice is heard and counts at the ballot box.


VOTE…it’s your choice.


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  1. I can’t argue with you, voting is important. Did you know that in Australia if you don’t vote you are fined? I guess that gets the voters out when you hit their wallet.

  2. Maybe you’ve already heard how ticked voting made me this year.

    When I showed up to vote for the candidate of my choice…the one I thought would best represent me, and the community in which I live, I got a taste of what the Party In Power has done to me by chopping up my district in ridiculous and unfair ways — I got to choose between a candidate from Gahanna and a candidate from Mansfield. To represent me, a Clintonville resident.

    Today, I did NOT love voting. And I refused to wear the dang sticker. Raises my blood pressure again just to write about it…

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