March 2nd post…A day late :-)


Better late than never, right?  I have to say after writing my first post, I wrote to my first year mentor to tell her how much I appreciated her mentorship and her belief in me. Not long after,

She wrote, “Hey friend, thanks for your post. You are gifted, natural at it and passionate to begin with. Not a lot of mentoring to do. Thank you for all your family time and everything else you have given up to fight for us teachers. Love you! R;”

Sometimes we just need to hear “Thank you”.  This thank you led me to tears of gratitude for her and for her acknowledgment that in the pursuit of fighting for what’s right for teachers and students, I had given up so much that I will never get back. She wrote this on a day that I needed a thank you.  That I needed to hear I had demonstrated loyalty for the profession I believe so passionately in.  We are the profession that creates all other professions.

Please take the time to say Thank you to someone who inspired you.  They just might need to hear it today.  I guarantee they will appreciate it.




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  1. It seems that we were thinking along the same slice lines. 😉 I also wrote about taking the time to thank my mentor and my friend for shaping and guiding me. Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. I appreciate this post. Yes, thank you has so much meaning behind it. Thank you for taking the time to slice and share your thoughts. I really think you should slice again. Keep going, even if you miss a few days. I’m sure you have lots of thoughts. 🙂

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