Just Go For It!


Just Go For It…The only regret in anything is the regret of not having tried anything at all.  If I wasn’t in such a hurry and a procrastinator at the same time (how is that possible?), then I probably would have taken the time to search what the real quote is and who said it.  But for now, I will paraphrase so I can move on and just go for it this year.

Last year, I got as far as Day 10 Slice of Life.  This year…I’m going for it.  31 days.  That shouldn’t be so difficult since everyday I learn something new through R-n-R Reading and Reflecting as a teacher.  Everyday my children “R-n-R” make me laugh or think a little bit more deeply about life and my life’s purpose.  Every day there is a moment when I just need a little bit of downtime.  True R-n-R.

Today, I learned how unaware we can be of the feelings of those around us even when we spend all day with them.  A colleague shared a beautiful reading with us this morning at our PD (Positive Discussion).  I wish sometimes we could slow down enough to notice the greatness in everyone around us.  We just sometimes don’t know what we don’t know.

I had a fabulous mentor last year who taught me the human side of education. He gave me the confidence to just go for it.  To believe in myself.  To believe in my colleagues and to always, always put family first.

I may be rambling, but it’s 9:00 and I’m tired.  It’s not easy being a full time teacher and a mother of 2.  It’s a balance that can be tricky. Especially since it always feels like I need more than 24 hours in a day to do either of them well.  I am definitely at a point where I can do a lot more:

Spending time with my very favorite R-n-R: my children.

I’m looking forward to sharing some Slices with you.  31 of them in fact.  This year…I’m just going to Go For It!  Happy Reading!



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  1. I am taking the challenge too! This is my first time trying…I hope to accomplish all 31 days-I am a mom of 2 as well…being a mom is definitely a challenge!

  2. Yes, it is a tricky balance. I love this part: “slow down enough to notice the greatness in everyone around us. We just sometimes don’t know what we don’t know.” That is so true! I’ll remember to slow down tomorrow. I want to make every moment count, too.

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